Brief Background

The Nordic EdTech Network (NEN) project—official project name is Nordic Virtual EdTech Acceleration Forum (NVEAF), was recently awarded support by Nordic Innovation. The overarching goal is to build a stronger Nordic EdTech community and provide a variety of services and resources that will help strengthen the international competitiveness of Nordic EdTech companies. We are now creating a team of NEN Country Teams—two for each Nordic country—who can help the project team with tasks such as those described below.

Main Tasks

We anticipate the main tasks will include the following:

  • Help identify EdTech companies in your home country and update our lists
  • Help find contact information for companies we have on our lists
  • Help design and execute an online survey to gather information on all Nordic EdTech companies
  • Identify and share (on the website we are creating) new EdTech developments in your country
  • Participate in EdTech meetings and events we plan to hold in each of the Nordic countries
  • Help write articles for Nordic publications about Nordic EdTech and about NEN

How Do I Benefit?

  • You will receive a small honorarium of $500 for the work you will be doing
  • Working with us on the project will give you valuable work and research experience and you will gain great insights and knowledge about the Nordic EdTech industry as well as learn about global EdTech issues and developments
  • You will gain free access to all our NEN events and meetings
  • You will have a chance to contribute to building an online community and EdTech Forum
  • You will become one of the Nordic EdTech Network evangelists


  • Start Date. We hope to have our Country Teams in place in the first or second week of January, 2016. But, as with most things, we will try to be flexible and consider exceptional circumstances.
  • Deadlines. We have no “drop dead” deadlines. But we would like, for instance, to have much of the company identification and company contact information for each country done by perhaps mid-February, so we can then start preparing the online survey to send out to all Nordic EdTech companies. We will share project time lines, so each team member is fully aware of what is coming up and when.
  • Time Commitment. We think that 2-4 hours per week, per member of each country team, would be reasonable–but again, we will be flexible and consider the situation of each person. So, some weeks, if need be, someone might not do any work, and then make it up the following week, etc.
  • Length of Time of Commitment. We feel it would be nice to get a 4-6 month commitment, even thought the project will last a full year. We would of course be very happy for someone to join us for the whole year, but even 3 and 6 months commitment, say, might be ok if someone would put in a strong effort during the time they have available.



Eilif Trondsen, PhD

Project Leader, and Board Member of Silicon Vikings


Are you interested in joining a Nordic EdTech Network Country Team?
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