Conexus is a market and research leader in learning analytics and professional learning for the educational sector in Scandinavia.

In careful collaboration with teachers, educational leaders, researchers and the EdTech industry Conexus develops tools for:

  •    Student learning beyond 21st key capacities: Deeper learning and progression
  •    Evidence-informed capacity building: Teams, schools, districts and systems
  •    Deeper professional learning: Realizing collective responsibility

The tools are based on scalable technology that can be adapted to different learning contexts. They are built on strong databases with rapid processing and excellent user-friendly interfaces.

Conexus collaborates with over 30 partners located all over the world to develop the most refined educational software. Yet a tool is only as good as the mindset using it (Fullan 2013). Conexus has developed well-tested process strategies together with our partners to strengthen the implementation of the tools.



Kahoot! makes it easy to create, play and share fun learning games in minutes—for any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages. Used by millions each day in over 180 countries, Kahoot!’s free game-based platform engages the heart, hand and mind for a wildly more social, meaningful and powerful pedagogical experience.

Introduce new topics, test knowledge, revise, connect with others all over the world, survey opinions, gather insights, facilitate discussion, spark up professional development or just have a little fun. We’re on a mission to make learning something everyone can—and wants to— connect with.


Visma Unique

Visma Unique provides public sector with solutions for improving work processes, reducing bureaucracy, and simplifying collaboration. Visma has a special focus on supplying e-government solutions.

Schoool administration made easy! Visma Flyt Skole is a cloud service covering all demands for school administration.  The solution makes the schools everyday life easy and enjoyable for school administrators, teachers, pupils and parents.


Mobilskole – a two-way textmessaging system for schools

Mobilskole AS is a Norwegian company providing 1 000 schools with an efficient and easy to use textmessaging system.

  • parents SMS replies
  • customer driven
  • web based
  • scalable
  • fast

Mobilskole logo

Free trial:


The Atea Group is the leading IT infrastructure supplier in the Nordic and Baltic region, and Europe’s second largest.

Atea’s core business areas are hardware and software products, consultancy, support and service agreements. Our consultants are highly certified with broad experience and expertise within IT-infrastructure, which gives us a competitive advantage.

ATEA Skole is focussed on providing schools with support at every stage of technology integration, from advising, planning, implementation and particularly pedagogical training to ensure schools get the most out of their investment.

atea_color_white_bkg_cmyk_2014 (1)


Creaza is a learning tool that enables learners to work with different subjects and topics by creating mind maps, presentations, comic strips, cartoons, movies and audio productions. Creaza’s unique tools come with a wide variety of built-in content, such as hundreds of video clips, audio clips, backgrounds, characters and props.Creaza also contains hundreds of ready-made exercises, which students and teachers can easily assign, solve, hand in and assess.


Kikora is the leading Scandinavian software for mathematics instruction. Kikora enables students to learn and teachers to teach math more efficiently. No installation is required; the tool is loaded directly in the browser.

Students complete assignments digitally and Kikora provides step by step immediate feedback, regardless of chosen strategy. All work is readily corrected and reported to the teacher to include errors, progress & time on task.



We are the largest provider of web applications to Norwegian schools and kindergartens. 

Our applications vary from a web publishing platform to other products such as an SMS system and infoscreen which are 100% integrated with our publishing system. 

We have also a product called 1310 which will help you comply with educational laws in Norway. 

With more than 10 years experience in the Norwegian school market Moava is still striving to make the day a little bit easier for teachers and students.



Gyldendal is Norway’s largest educational publishing company, with over half a century of experience in the educational field. Through innovative development and collaboration with the best educational expertise in Norway, Gyldendal has developed several of Norway’s most successful digital learning resources. Gyldendal is always searching for new solutions that can provide students with better learning.


Cappelen Damm

Cappelen Damm, Norway’s largest publishing house, has a thriving division for development of digital teaching materials for the primary, secondary and adult educational markets. All of our digital resources are made available via which has over 40,000 registered teachers.



It makes us proud to present our new generation school management system with integrated timetabling functionality. Responsive design and user-friendly task orientation makes our

system a favourite among teachers, students, parents and principals. Their needs have formed the ground in which our solution is structured.

Recent research reveals major deviations in handling sensitive data within Norwegian schools and kindergartens. Unsecured storage of IOP and other sensitive documents on memory sticks and paper is unfortunately still common practice. We have the answer to this problem, which is why Oppad “Sikker Arbeidsflyt” is more indispensable and popular than ever!

oppad logo


Aschehoug Education is one of Norway’s leading developers of educational resources for schools. Visit to explore more than 200 student and teacher resources created especially for use in schools and colleges, including in-depth, user friendly digital tools for teachers. Visit to explore a new generation of digital textbooks, developed in partnership with Cappelen Damm Education. Aschehoug also offer digital language learning products through Lingua Planet and reading speed programmes through Pageturner.



itslearning is a cloud-based learning platform used by millions of teachers, students, administration staff and parents around the world. It gives teachers countless ways to create engaging lessons, makes sharing materials easy and automates routine tasks so teachers have more time to focus on their students. At itslearning, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of education. More than 20% of our staff have worked as teachers. Established in 1999, we are headquartered in Bergen, Norway, and have offices in London, Birmingham, Berlin, Paris, Mulhouse, Malmö, Enschede, Helsinki, Boston and Atlanta. As owners of Fronter and SkoleIntra, we are one of Europe’s largest LMS provider.



CyberBook publishes multimedia-based learning materials for tablets and PCs on Kunnskap.noWe offer a wide range of courses from nursery school level to adult education focusing on maths, sciences, Norwegian as a first language, Norwegian as a second language, English and special needs. Our customers include Norwegian counties and municipalities in addition to schools and private users. 

New releases:


Clarify delivers high quality dictionaries across languages and platforms at an affordable price. All content is from trusted publishers such as Collins and Merriam-Webster. With over 700 dictionaries for 30 different languages Clarify let’s you reach the world. This is reflected in the fact that Clarify has users from over 190 different countries. Since it’s release in February 2015 Clarify has been used by more than 70 000 students. Each student search Clarify on average about 10 times per day, and the number rises to over 50 on days of assessment. Only in October 2015 it was conducted more than 230 000 searches on Clarify.


Skooler / Skill

Skooler offers various timesaving educational tools (LMS), including individualised student learning paths and tools for planning, absence, orderliness and student conduct.

All the tools are built inside Microsoft Office 365 and are readily available in a specially designed user interface. Teachers and students using the modular educational tools in Skooler can use the same user interface to seamlessly take advantage of the modern and mobile productivity and collaboration applications available in Office 365 – in other words, you have everything you need in one place, in the world’s largest collaboration platform for education.

Skooler is the next generation digital learning platform.

Skill is a Norwegian IT consulting company and Skooler’s sales and implementation partner. For several years, Skill has been a leading Microsoft Partner within Office 365 and cloud.

Skill have consultants and advisors with the necessary span of competence and who know what it takes to achieve efficient, stable and secure IT solutions.

User adoption and value realization are key elements in all our projects!

Uten navn


SchoolLink Messenger is a messaging system from Netpower delivered as a cloud solution that simplifies the interaction and communication between schools and parents. SchoolLink bridge the gap the gap between parents, pupils and schools. The solution replaces the traditional forms of communication, such as letters, text messages, email and absence notes. The school gain more control over students having  all communication with the parents in one place. This will allow teachers to prioritise  their time on teaching.

SchoolLink Tracker is a student management system, designed to make the day-to-day operation of after-school activities more efficient. The system allows employees to spend more time with the children and significantly reduces the time spent on paper work. SchoolLink Tracker gives the employees more security in terms of whereabouts  and status of each pupil and enhances and streamlines communication with parents. Parents can be notified with push messages when the pupil leave the after-school-activity

SchoolLink Kindergarten is a children  management system, designed to make the day-to-day operation of kindergarten more secure and efficient. The system gives employees more time to spend on the children and significantly reduces the time spent on paper work. SchoolLink Kindergarten enables the employees to record events such as sleeping times, changed diapers and participation on activities. Through smartphone app, the parents can follow their kids activities, look at pictures, receive messages from the kindergarten and get push notifications when the child is picked up from the kindergarten.



The pavilion is supported by Innovation Norway and hosted by the companies above in cooperation with ICT Norway, the Centre for ICT in education and Oslo EdTech Cluster.

At the party you meet the companies from The Norwegian Classroom and:

TV 2 Skole lager digitale læremidler for grunnskolen, videregående skole og voksenopplæringen for innvandrere. TV 2 Skole kan både supplere bøker og erstatte bøker. TV 2 Skole lager innhold og strukturer i fag, men også løpende nyhetssendinger med tilhørende oppgaver. TV 2 Skole lover å være aktuell, relevant og engasjerende. TV 2 Skole bruker store mengder oppdatert video i alle fag. Innholdet treffer kompetansemålene, og presentasjonen av emnene gir læreren trygghet.
Microsoft utdanning jobber i utdanningssegmentet helt fra barnehage til høgere utdanning. Fokuset er å tilgjengeliggjøre teknologi, og bistå til at potensialet i teknologi gir læring og undervisning som bygger opp under 21. århundrets ferdigheter.
Interactive Norway er norsk distributør av interaktive produkter fra SMART Technologies og Prowise, og er Norges ledende kompetansesenter innen interaktive møteromsverktøy. Våre interaktive produkter fra SMART finnes i dag i ca. 40000 undervisningsrom, mens Prowise skjermer vil introduseres for det norske markedet høsten 2014. Produktene importeres direkte fra produsentene og distribueres via vårt landsdekkende forhandlernettverk.


H5P is a plugin empowering existing publishing systems to create more interactive content. Examples of content types include interactive video, interactive presentation, games, simulations and quizzes. H5P is open and free and used by universities and leading global training providers.


GoTime are a teacher driven company, our origins are in a physical school – Frisvold – where many of us still spend time teaching in classrooms. Our vision is to produce a high quality learning environment online and offline. We are experts at creating and distributing high quality content to students in a way that reduces dropouts and improves results. Our teachers and developers know how to create high quality online courses that can lift your school from plain to outstanding. GoTime is the students little helper. Our content and platform is available when the student needs it, thus extending the teachers reach well beyond the classroom.


Netpower leverer SFOpro som organiserer hjem-SFO-kontakt og organisering av SFO. SFOpro er utviklet i tett samarbeid med SFO på Bestum Skole slik at systemet møter alle de krav og ønsker hverdagen på SFO krever.

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